CV November 2015

Jan J. Jarventaus (Mr.)
Nationality: British
12 Middle Way, Watford, WD24 6HL, UK
Tel: 01923 819264 Mobile: 07747 029718


Language specialist, also with experience in office administration, website management and content writing, adult education and customer service.


Finnish, English (both native speaker level), Italian (fluent), French (intermediate), German, Estonian (basic)
IT skills
Outlook, Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Lotus, Kana, Drupal, MemoQ, Wordfast
Proofreading skills
Maple Academy standard practices


Freelance Interpreter, Translator, Transcriber, Subtitler and Proofreader (Finnish and English)            
Oct 2008 - present

Clients have included:

§    Antalis
§    McLaren
§         Guy's Hospital
§         American Airlines
§    SDL
§        The City of Helsinki
§         NextMesh
§         Crane TV
§         RR Donnelley
·         Volvo
·         Sterling Financial Print
·         Cumulus Hotels
·         Outokumpu
·         Paytrail             
·         Fortum
·         Invesco
·         Dole Inc.
·         Surveypal
·         Atena Publishing
·         Merrill Corp.
·         Isolta
·         Pelsu
§         Robert’s Coffee
·         Kantar
·         Paytrail
·         Quintiles
·         Restel
·         Lamor
·        Technopolis
·         Border Force

Examinations Invigilator, International Software Quality Institute, June 2015 - present
·         Invigilation of professional IT exams at various levels

Examinations Setter and Proofreader, The Chartered Institute of Linguists. June 2006 - present
·         Setting English DipTrans 2013, 2014 and 2015 translation examinations
·         Setting and proof-reading Finnish DipTrans 2008, 2011 and 2013 translation examinations
·         English interlocutor for the 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 DPSI interpreting examinations

Website Editor/Content Writer, The Independent Film Trust (, ongoing
·         Sourcing images, designing page layout, writing features and updating site

Freelance Journalist, ongoing
·         Writing the Clip joint series for The Guardian newspaper

Internet Operator, Ladbrokes PLC, London                                                           May 2007 - Sept 2008
·         Writing original sports content for the company’s Finnish website
·         Translating from English to Finnish (and vice versa) within marketing, legal, sports and IT fields
·         Search engine optimisation (SEO) project work
·         Dealing with online customer queries

CBS & DPSI (Interpreting) Exams Assistant, IoL Educational Trust, London           Nov 2003 - Jan 2007   
·           Proofreading, editing and moderating English exam material
·            Researching technical content issues and language policies to resolve issues related to the Institute
·            Developing new examination projects and training material
·            Revising mark schemes and handbooks
·           Logging, distributing and filing materials
·           Processing examiners’ remuneration
·           Maintaining and updating databases
·            Attending meetings including minute-taking and liaising with examinations setters and chief moderators

Language Consultant, City of Helsinki Newsletter, Divace, CRF Box                         Dec 2001 - Sept 2003
·         Proofreading and content editing of press releases
Assistant Director of Studies/Business English Trainer,                                    Oct 1996 - Oct 2001   
Linguarama, London                            
·         Co-ordinating training timetables and supporting trainers
·         Recruiting and inducting new staff
·         Editing, proofreading and writing training reports for client companies
·         Interviewing clients on training requirements and giving post-training feedback
·         Selecting, purchasing and developing academic materials

English Teacher                                                                                     Sept 1993 - June 1996                   
Adult education centres/ private language schools:
Team Languages ​​/ International House, Merate, Italy
Hampstead School of English, London
LSI Hampstead, London
Tuuru Centre, Hiiumaa, Estonia


·         Preliminary Business English Training Diploma, Linguarama Holland                                 2000
·         RSA/UCLES CTEFLA (pass), International House, London                                                  1995
·         B.A. English Literature (2:1), University of York                                                             1993
·         3 A-levels: Economics (A), Geography (A), English Literature (B)
·         1 S-level English, grade 2
·         11 O-levels and 1 A/O-level (all grades A and B)


Photography, script-writing, film blogging, Sunday league football management, tennis, skiing


·           Neil McCartney, Chairman, the Independent Film Trust
·           Patricia Le Ret, Manager, Linguarama Paris
·           Ulrike Heinze, Exams Manager CBS/DPSI, CIoL Educational Trust
·            Lauri Kovanen, CEO, Transfluent Finland Ltd.

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Kino Runner: Those Ratings Explained

Though a wide range of heavyweight film critics may like to pretend otherwise, i.e. that there's a scientific system behind their rankings, we should all have confidence in our gut other words, something either works for you or doesn't. The validity of your view to a first-time reader therefore rests on whether you can explain your point both succinctly and convincingly enough, and the latter part of this is highly reliant on those same skills you probably always hated hearing at school - being able to reference your comparisons and back up whatever you come up with. This is no tutorial, just a bleat of frustration at how, because of the nature of the medium, every idiot from the age of 12 on the webby thing is accorded equal voice and will get to skew ratings on the bigger film sites like imdb, and which means those sites cannot be trusted.

I'd like you to believe that my ratings have flexibility built in to a degree: however, as stated, you can't keep subjectivity out. In the end, Mozart is no less valuable than Beethoven. I just don't like Mozart.

10 - this, for me, is a masterpiece, and needs to be in a time capsule for the year 3009. If you don't at least acknowledge the merits of this, you are sub-human. Example: Once upon a Time in the West
9 - so close, but I might have felt the weight of critique and actually taken some on board. A lot of the 'difficult' classics that cinema has ever produced belong here. Example: 400 Blows
8 - you can't really go wrong here. At worst, you'll think it was just enjoyable. Example:Terminator
7 - the repository of films that some of you may think are the best ever, others will be indifferent to. Example: 8 1/2
6 - this is where the last films worth watching live. Too many flaws, but still enough quality forces its way through that it will leave you with an ambiguous reaction. Example: Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
5 - you shouldn't really be watching this any more, but you'll be forgiven for having gone with an actor or director. It'll have merits, but those will be outweighed by any random combination of messes. Example: Strange Days
4 - you have now got out the wrong DVD. There'll be John Hurt or someone similar there to reassure you it'll be ok. It won't be. Example: Southland Tales
3 - you are now in the land of the damned. It will be both boring and frustrating, which, I suppose, in a film Olympics ought to be recognised as a separate event in itself. Example:Franklyn
2 - this will be just be unbearable shit. Do need to provide an example that at least some demographic will think is brilliant? Ok: The Goonies
1 - oh good, the lowest of the low. I have a sincere belief that you can skip over marks 2-5 and just dip into the 1s when you really need to remind yourself of how low a form of high art can go (think William McGonagall). I think I've only ever seen one entrant for this accolade: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

That gave me anxiety attacks for weeks afterwards. It's actually a real feat to see everything go wrong.

And no, you can't give zeroes.